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1/2oz Britannia anni

Gold Britannia coins were issued by the Royal Mint since 1987 and initially had a gold purity of 0.971 (91.7% or 22 carat gold). However since 2013, the fineness had been increased to 0.9999 (24 carat gold) making the Britannia, a firm favourite with investors and collectors with its iconic Britannia design.

2018 Britannia 1/2 oncia d'oro

Non disponibile

Da 826,10 €


2020 Britannia d'Oro 1/2oz

Non disponibile

Da 831,80 €


The "Britannia" is an ancient name for Great Britain, and since the early century, has been associated with Roman coinage and in 1972, on the farthing, pennies from 1979 and the 50 pence coin until 2008. 

Britannia encompasses strength, power and command yet feminine, peace and elegance, a representation of Great Britain. 2017 celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Britannia and features an refreshed update to commemorate the occasion.

The Britannia must be considered by any investor or collector.

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